With Big Lots announcing more store closures around the country, Michganders are starting to wonder if any local stores are also at risk of closing.

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It seems like more and more big-name stores and restaurants have been closing their doors lately. In some cases, like Burger King, they closed several franchise locations in Michigan that were underperforming. For Bed Bath & Beyond, they simply went bankrupt after 52 years in business.

You can now add Big Lots to the list of major corporations that could be in trouble.


Big Lots Announces Store Closures

Earlier this year, Big Lots announced that they were closing three stores in California and four in Colorado.

According to Business Insider, the company is looking to move toward small towns and away from urban areas. Additionally, some of those closures are happening because Big Lots plans to sell the store sites. In other cases, the company is closing locations that it says are underperforming.

As of recently, the company announced store closures in New York, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Big Lots:

Consistent with standard retail practices, we review our store footprint on an ongoing basis to make sure we’re best positioned to serve our customers and our business. Sometimes this process results in store closings or relocations.

Will Big Lots Close Michigan Store Locations?

It's unclear at the moment if Big Lots will be closing any of its 47 stores located throughout Michigan. If it's part of their plan and they have underperforming stores in the state, I'm sure we'll hear about it soon enough.

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