Residents in 15 small cities and villages are cheering "It's about time" after receiving word that certain roads in their communities will undergo repairs.

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Counties including Genesee, Lapeer, Berrien, Ionia, Oakland, Saginaw, and others will receive road funding grants totaling $3.1 million. According to WDIV, the funds will be split up into grants ranging from $97,000 to $250,000.

The cities and villages below were chosen through the Community Service Infrastructure Fund, which focuses on smaller communities. Michigan villages and cities with populations less than 10,000 will receive the road funding grants.

City/Village and Project/Route

  • Fennville - East First Street, Park Street
  • Village of Stevensville - Berrien Street, Lawrence Street, Kimmel Street, Park Street, Mill Street and Demorrow Road
  • St. Joseph - Saint Joseph Drive, Midway Avenue
  • Charlotte - Walnut Street
  • Linden - West Rolston Road
  • Grand Blanc - Belsay Road
  • Leslie - West Race Street
  • Portland - Hill Street
  • Village of Clifford - Main Street
  • Milford - West Huron Street, East Washington
  • Village of Birch Run - Maple Street
  • Yale - Mechanic Street
  • South Haven - Elkenburg Street
  • Milan - Ann Marie Drive, Michigan Avenue
  • Rockwood - Olmstead Road

This grant applies exclusively to specific road projects, encompassing tasks such as the reconstruction, replacement, rehabilitation, or capital preventative maintenance of city or village streets, along with necessary stormwater improvements associated with the road project.

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The state only just announced the projects, so it's unclear at the moment when the road improvement projects will get underway or when they are expected to be complete.

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