What were believed to be gunshots being fired at a Kent Couty School this week turned out to be nothing more than a student setting off fireworks in the bathroom.

It was a scary start to the school week for students at East Kentwood Freshman Center in west Michigan. It was not only scary for students but staff, parents, and law enforcement as well.

On Monday, October 31, several people called 911 to report shots being fired at East Kentwood Freshman Center in Kentwood, Michigan.

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According to MLive, Sheriff’s deputies were told just before reaching the scene – in less than three minutes – that school security staff determined that the sound was fireworks, not gunshots.

Apparently, some 14-year-old kid thought it would be funny or cool to go into the school bathroom and set off some fireworks. I'm only assuming those were the intentions. That part is unclear as police would not disclose any of the statements that the teen gave to them. Honestly, it doesn't matter what the student's intentions were, it never should have happened in the first place.

Those officers thought they were going on a legitimate shots-fired call. I can only imagine what was going through their heads at that time. I'm sure it was a very scary moment for everyone involved.

This kid is facing some pretty serious charges, especially for a 14-year-old. He's looking at a juvenile charge of possessing explosives with intent to terrorize.

The good thing is no one was hurt.

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