After being closed for nearly three years, a popular and historic donut shop in Detroit has reopened its doors to customers once again.

Dutch Girl Donuts on Woodward Avenue opened back in 1947 but was forced to close its doors nearly 75 years later due to a staffing shortage. In 2021, many businesses nationwide were forced to do the same, due to the pandemic.

Now with new owner Paddy Lynch, Dutch Girl Donuts is open again and ready to serve customers their new and original donut recipes. Lynch is also getting help from Jon Timmer, the son of late owners Gene and Lauren Timmer.

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According to the Detroit Free Press, before the doughnut shop closed in September 2021, Lynch said he’d been a regular “since before he can remember” as the family would stop when in the area for doughnuts.

“It was kind of a wonderful part of my childhood. I have memories of being a little boy and my dad taking me in there. So, there's a lot of personal, sentimental reasons for it.”

Dutch Girl Donuts reopened this past Saturday, May 11.

Customers who stopped in on Tuesday said people were waiting in a line that went all the way down the street. Obviously, it's worth the wait.

Kennedy Broadwell
Kennedy Broadwell

Dutch Girl Donuts is open Tuesday - Friday from 6 am - 6 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am - 4 pm. Dutch Girl is closed on Mondays.

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