If you're hearing and seeing more coyotes than usual, it's likely because they are currently in the middle of their breeding season in Michigan.

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Over the past few weeks, we've noticed a growing number of people posting about coyote sightings on neighborhood group pages on social media. Typically, these posts serve as warnings from one neighbor to another, alerting the community to increased coyote activity in the area.

For the most part, coyotes don't pose a threat to humans unless the animal feels threatened or cornered.


Your pets should be your primary concern when dealing with coyotes. On occasion, a coyote might attempt to lure your dog into chasing it, while the rest of the pack lies waiting at a distance. Unfortunately, this scenario can lead to a grim outcome. Even though cases like this are rare, they can happen. It's essential to stay alert as coyotes are extremely smart.

If you know that you have coyotes in your area, don't let your pets go outside alone. If you see a coyote approaching your pet, just make a lot of noise. This will usually be enough to scare them off.

It's also a good idea to bring in your bird feeders as they attract small animals which in turn attracts coyotes.


When is Coyote Breeding Season in Michigan?

Coyotes are a bit more visible than normal during their breeding season, which runs from mid-January through March. The breeding season doesn’t make coyotes any more aggressive, just more active.

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