Some University of Michigan alumni are raking in the dough, but just how much?

Most people that attend a college or university throughout the state carry a lifelong feeling of community and pride. Once a Wolverine or a Spartan, always a Wolverine or a Spartan. With that, you always want to see people from your same school succeed.

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So this article will hit the Wolverines of the world right in the feels. There have been quite a few famous people that have walked the halls of a University of Michigan campus and gone on to make boatloads of cash in their careers. Below you will find 14 famous and notable people with pretty impressive net worths after their experiences at UM.

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This list encompasses many walks of life. From musicians that are currently worth millions of dollars to tech gurus worth billions that have changed our lives forever. It is pretty incredible to see what these people have accomplished in the post-Wolverine days. The lowest net worth you'll see on the list is $4.5 million and the highest is an insane $77 billion.

The University of Michigan was founded back in 1817 making it the oldest university in the State. In fact, the University of Michigan was established before Michigan even became a state.

I will forever bleed Maize and Blue. Also, we have the best fight song out there...period. Fight me.

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