History was recently made by a 12-year-old Michigan girl, for not only what she was doing, but what she wore while she was doing it.

Dearborn, Michigan Girl Makes Jiu-Jitsu History

Allow me to introduce you to Aaminah Abdrabboh.

via Fox 2 News Detroit.com
via Fox 2 News Detroit.com

She's got a major accomplishment under her belt, her jiu-jitsu belt that is, because this 12-year-old from Dearborn, Michigan just took home the gold "at the world’s largest jiu-jitsu tournament for kids ages 4 to 15."

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Not only did she win first place, she did it all while wearing her hijab, making her the first hijabi female to win gold at the world tournament, according to Fox 2 News Detroit.

Michigan Girl Makes History as 1st Hijabi Female to Win Gold at the World Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

A huge congratulations to Abdrabboh who worked hard to achieve the coveted first place position! According to her parents, she put in maximum effort to get to where she is today.

Her father, Mohammad Abdrabboh, had this to say about her initiative and drive;

I noticed that she took a lot of ownership of getting ready for class, preparing for class, preparing for lunch, and doing a little bit more than we expected at that age and even more than some of her siblings have.

Her hard work paid off because last year Abdrabboh took home the silver. Winning the silver was actually one of the main things that really motivated her to bring home the gold this year.

Hijabs and Women's Sports

Less than 10 years ago, the feat of taking home the jiu-jitsu gold as a hijabi female wouldn't have even been possible because of the hijab ban that prohibited girls and women from competing.

I'm glad to see that times have changed for the better!

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