Facebook, like many forms of social media, has its good, bad, and ugly. And when you're faced with things that are bad or 'ugly', you might need a little bit of light and laughter added to your day.

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If you could use a good belly laugh, you need to do yourself a favor and follow the Bath Township Police Department on Facebook.

Bath Township Police Department Has a Hilarious Facebook Page

Truly, the team manning the Facebook page over at the Bath Township Police Department is hilarious. And they've developed quite the reputation for having a terribly funny Facebook presence.

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Whether it's savagely burning U of M fans or fondly remembering the post that "went viral", which is what Bath Township PD just recently reminded us of.

But as I said, if you want comedy gold, you need to follow Bath Township PD on Facebook.

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Here's a look back on some other gems they've had over the years...

And who doesn't love an 'Office' joke? Particularly one that involves Michael Scott?

If you're looking for something to brighten your day on the regular, the Bath Township Police Department's Facebook page is where it's at. However, there are plenty of other greater Lansing area Facebook pages and groups that are excellent to follow and be a member of.

Whether you're looking for something that is helpful or hilarious, you'll be able to find it, just take a look at the list below.

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