A 26-year-old woman on Reddit is confused after her 34-year-old boyfriend shamed her for still living at home with her parents, even though he was aware of her living situation when they first met.

"So I met my [boyfriend] in August and made things official a month ago. In the beginning things were great. We talked for hours about any and everything. Lately we have been having some issues. We live [two] hours away and I stay with my parents and he has his own place," she wrote on Reddit.

"Recently I went to his home for the first time (we usually stay in hotels). Before I went to his home he told me he was going to get a hotel because his sink was broken and I asked him if he lives with someone because his behavior was suspicious," she continued.

When she arrived at his place, he told her he didn't "appreciate" her accusing him of "not being honest," so she apologized.

"Fast forward a couple weeks later, we were planning to link up again and he was going to come to my city. He told me that since he let me come to his home then I must do the same for him. I told him that I can’t do that right now because I don’t live on my own (he knew this from day one) and it’s too soon for him to meet my parents," she shared.

"Then he said that I shouldn’t be demanding to come to his home if I can’t do the same for him and that this should be a lesson for me. I told him that he was being unfair because I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t playing me and looking out for his financial well-being," the frustrated woman explained.

"I expressed to him that I didn’t like him throwing this in my face and trying to humiliate me. He said he thought I would’ve asked my parents to leave since I was so demanding to come to his house. This situation makes me feel weird and I don’t know how else to express it to him," she concluded.

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In the comments, users blasted the man, with many suggesting the young woman reconsider her relationship with him.

"Don’t date people who think they need to teach you lessons," one person wrote.

"His sink is broken? Which one? Bathroom? Kitchen? Even a studio apartment has two sinks. This man is being shady and you know it. You're obviously not compatible, so break up with him and move on," another commented.

"This is only [three] months in. This should still be the 'in the beginning things were great' stage. He can't even keep his mask on that long," someone else chimed in.

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