A man got blasted online when he tried to explain himself after making his girlfriend pay for his expensive birthday dinner.

"My girlfriend and I have been together for three years. Since we started dating we have a tradition of paying for each other for dinner for our birthdays. We don’t have a limit on how much that meal would cost," he wrote on Reddit.

His girlfriend doesn't drink, and so he usually pays "$100-150 for both of us for her birthday dinner."

"My birthday was two days ago and we went out. I drink which my girlfriend doesn’t like and she thinks it’s a waste of money. But it’s my birthday and she agreed to pay for everything. I had eight drinks and a steak and dessert at a steakhouse which cost about $200 and with her $70 meal it came to $310 with tips."

At the time his girlfriend didn't say anything about the price, but the next day she "blew up" at him for drinking so much and expecting her to pay for it.

"I defended myself because it was technically unlimited and no I wasn’t drunk, I have a pretty high tolerance so it’s not fair I can’t enjoy myself. She is pretty frugal so she thinks it’s a crazy amount and I was an a--hole for leaving her with this high of a bill," he recalled.

The man added it's not his "fault she doesn’t normally get more than one drink and it’s nonalcoholic so it’s cheaper."

"But she has been ignoring me and refusing to talk it out. If she’s that upset I’ll reimburse her for my portion but then that’s the end of our 'tradition,'" he concluded his post.

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Users blasted the man in the comments section.

"Instead of dealing with the real issue here (apparently you have VERY different definitions of what an acceptable level of drinking is) you pushed the envelope—not only by making her come along for your eight (seriously bro, EIGHT!?) drinks but making her pay for it. Passive aggressive AF. You did this spoiling for a fight and you got one," one person wrote.

"I feel if your partner was upset about the cost and you could clearly see that, if you didn’t think it was a lot you would just send her the money to cover the drinks," another chimed in.

"Given she doesn't drink, I think it's going to be definitely beneficial for her to end this tradition. If he still has a girlfriend after this little tantrum about how he wants to get drunk while she watches on and pays for it, she'll be saving money over the ending of this deal," someone else commented.

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