Lana Del Rey fans are posing next to cops for a coquettish new TikTok trend using one of the singer's unreleased songs.

Across TikTok, young women can be seen posing next to and playfully flirting with police officers and security guards as they mime along to the lyrics of Del Rey's song "Playing Dangerous."

"Everybody knows I'm a good girl, officer / No, I wouldn't do a thing like that, that's for sure..." the song goes, as Del Rey tries to convince a cop that she didn't burn down a building by flirting with him. (Ironically, Del Rey previously dated police officer Sean "Sticks" Larkin of Live PD fame.)

"The house was already on fire, I swear I'm not a liar (Officer) / Well, I'm a little shaken, but I'm fine, thanks for asking / Tell me, do you always work alone so late? (Officer) / Gosh, I'm a little shy standing here in my nightgown​ / Do you really have to put those tight handcuffs on?" she continues in the lyrics.

The trend, which features the first two lines of the unreleased song, is all for laughs as the people participating in the videos giggle and cringe as they try to make it through the challenge.

Hilariously, most of the police officers in the videos just stand there awkwardly as they're filmed.

According to the Lana Del Rey Fandom wiki, Del Rey recorded "Playing Dangerous" in 2010. While never officially released, the track leaked in 2012.

"Playing Dangerous" partially samples the song "Searching for Soul" by Jake Wade and the Soul Searchers. The song was produced by Mads Louis Hauge and Phil Thornalley. Neither producer is featured on Del Rey's 2010 self-titled album or its 2012 follow-up Born to Die. Because of this, it is unclear which album, if any, the song was originally meant for.

It's believed "Paying Dangerous" was recorded during the same session as another Del Rey song called "Bad Boy."

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In 2019, seven years after the song was leaked, an extended outro from the song appeared online, which was thought to be a new song entirely. That same year, an instrumental and a cappella version of the song leaked.

Check out more clips from the "Playing Dangerous" trend on TikTok, below:

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