I went to get one yesterday and was told that there's a "printing delay." Yes, really.

Believe it or not, the Presidential primary election is less than 45 days away. And, in Michigan, that means that you are officially allowed to get your absentee ballot...unless you live in Genesee County.

I stopped at Burton City Hall yesterday to go to the clerk to get a ballot and found out that there has been a "printing delay" on absentee ballots and that they "don't know" when they'll available. "Hopefully by the second week of February."

I asked the clerk, "how do we have a delay when this was voted in two years ago?" Her response was, "no comment." She then proceeded to tell me that this is a problem throughout Genesee County.

If you're as ticked off as I am, you can contact your local county clerk.

In the case that they actually ARE available before the primaries:

Click HERE to fill out the form to receive an absentee ballot. You aren't required to provide a reason, but you must submit it to the clerk by March 6th. When your request is received, it will be checked against your voter registration card.

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