The short answer is "maybe," but as well all know too well, things can change in a second.

Mental health tip: don't keep score on which events have been canceled because of the pandemic. It's simply too depressing and we don't recommend it. However, there seems to be one event left that hasn't been canceled and, as of right now, it's the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

The celebration of all things medieval happens at Holly Grove every year, from the end of August until early fall. Every weekend is themed and people are encouraged to attend in their best cosplay outfits.

With all of the music festivals, concerts, and other events being canceled and/or postponed until 2021 and with August rapidly approaching, we started asking ourselves...what's going on with the Michigan Ren Fest?

As of the date and time of this publication (July 1st at 8:40 AM), the ren fest still does NOT have a definitive answer. According to their Facebook page, if they are proceeding to open this summer, the following precautions will be taken:

• Follow strict adherence to policies to promote protection and to serve as a model for others
• Daily health checks, including taking of temperature, prior to the opening cannon
• Leaving the site if any COVID-19 type symptoms develop during the day
• Masks, gloves, and other Personal Protective Equipment required, where and when applicable
• Washing hands often (hourly or less) and well (20 seconds or longer)
• Practicing good hygiene
• Proper sneezing and coughing etiquette
• Social distancing of at least six feet whenever possible
• In situations where participants cannot social distance, participants will stay in same teams
• Emphasize the importance of not touching faces, in particular mouths, noses, and eyes
• Agree and understand that they are participating at their own risk
• The decision to not participate in 2020 for health concerns will not impact future participation

• Masks are strongly encouraged to be worn when possible. If you need a mask one will be provided for a small cost
• Social distancing protocols
• Encouragement, incentives to purchase tickets prior to arriving
• Discourage cash transactions whenever and wherever possible
• Request one member of each group provide contact information for tracing purposes, if needed
• Health screening protocols in place prior to being admitted to Festival
• Agree and understand that they are attending at their own risk

• Implement and aggressively communicate policies and procedures
• Directional and information signs, possibly in the form of “Royal Proclamations”, throughout site
• Policies and procedures will be consistent with health authority and governmental guidelines
• Provide ample toilets, hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout the site
• Regularly clean and sanitize throughout the site, especially in food areas
• All food and kitchen practices will be compliant with applicable Health Department standards
• Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the site
• Seating capacity may be reduced in certain areas
• Minimize the amount of person to person interactions that are necessary
• Have protocols in place for box office, including will call
• Have protocols in place for buses
• Have protocols in place for the parking lot
• Have protocols in place for the gate
• Have protocols in place for entering the Festival with tickets being scanned
• Have protocols in place for medical needs
• Have protocols in place for security
• Have protocols in place to provide that venue staff is both protected and serves as a role model
• Venue staff is participating at their own risk
• Any staff member may choose to not participate at the venue if he/she has health concerns without penalty


The bottom line is that they're waiting for word from the governor. As we know more, we'll pass it along.

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Coronavirus Pandemic: Which Tours and Festivals Are Canceled (and Not)?


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