My boat for the Cardboard Boat Races is finished, and I'm darn proud.

Real talk - as of a week ago today, I wasn't planning on building a boat. We built one last year, and while it was fun, it was a lot of work, and I was feeling lazy. However, I like to make stuff. I like to be crafty. So I decided to go after it.

We just got back from Scranton, PA, at a music festival that had some references to The Office. So, naturally, I decided to expound on that.

After sweating buckets, cutting my fingers and putting my kid to work, I'm pretty proud of my nautical vessel.

You still have time to make a boat (mine took about four hours total), and we have cardboard available for pickup here at the radio ranch. Or, you can just show up tomorrow and watch all of us sink. All the details are HERE. Hope to see you there!

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