Imagine if Dwight Schrute had been born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan rather than in Honesdale, PA. The dynamics of 'The Office' certainly would have been a lot different.

Better, perhaps? Let's take a moment to imagine.

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A Fella From da UP Channels Dwight Schrute

You're about to meet a Yooper who personifies our favorite beet farmer perfectly. And by the way, beets are out, fish and wild game are in. Da Outdoor Hour gets credit for the viral TikTok video that adapts the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager's 'perfect crime' fantasy to one that any pasty-eating Michigander would love to sink their teeth into.

What's This Yooper's Perfect Crime?

We're all familiar with Dwight Schrute's 'Perfect Crime,' breaking into Tiffany's at midnight and hooking up with Tiffany, the daughter of the owner. (We've included the original video below if you need a refresher.)

But let's imagine the possibilities if Dwight had been born in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. And let's make it the Western UP, we'll say Escanaba.

Our Yooper friend outlines his 'perfect crime,' breaking into a Bass Pro Shops store and meeting up with the owner's daughter, Penny Morris, the heiress to the Bass Pro empire. Instead of making love all night, they spend the whole night packing pasties on the fishing reel counter. Now THAT'S a Yooper super fantasy!

True to the original, the parody video details a wild Schrute scenario including deception, a child born out of wedlock, and instead of a priceless chandelier, a cooler full of large-mouth bass.

Dwight's 30-Year-Old Child

And that baby born out of wedlock? Instead of a son, our Yooper friend has a (30) 'tirty' year-old daughter named Betty who - wait for it - is the head of the DNR.

The Upper Peninsula version of our favorite Office character just may be the greatest TV character of all time.

Before you watch the videos below, think to yourself, "Would an idiot do that?"


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