Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth is in jail. By choice.

The newly-electted sheriff and Undersheriff Andrew Bouch checked into the county jail Sunday (1/8) at 5 pm, and won't emerge until Tuesday morning.

Wriggelsworth tells Lansing's WLNS-TV that the experiment will give them insight into the facility's shortcomings.

“It will provide a great snapshot of housing conditions, jail rules and regulations, and the overall incarceration experience,” said Wriggelsworth. “Coming from outside the Sheriff’s Office, it is important to get an immediate feel for the magnitude of the jail operation, deputy responsibilities, and all that comes with this career.”

The pair donned jumpsuits upon arrival, and have been eating the same food that is provided to other inmates.

As the sheriff headed off to the facility in Mason, he quipped:

"Due to currently being locked up, I will not be available for comment until Tuesday morning.”


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