As Michiganders, I think we all appreciate what summer provides us in terms of driving.

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There's no snow to drive through, no ice to worry about, and there's just something about going with all your windows down and cranking up your favorite jam. However, there's something about summer driving that I see way more often that I cannot abide by, and it's people driving with their dogs on their laps.

Dogs like car rides, I get it. My dog loves a good car ride...she gets to stick her head out of the window and feel the breeze in her ears and get all kinds of good smells straight to the nostrils. But what about driving with your dog in your lap seems like a good idea?

Is it Illegal to Drive With Your Dog in Your Lap?

I've seen far too many people driving around with dogs in their laps this summer, so it got me wondering, is it actually illegal to drive with your dog in your lap? And this is what I found out.

There's currently one state with laws on the books in regards to driving with your dog in your lap, and it's Hawaii. So, long story short, it's not technically illegal to drive with your dog in your lap in the state of Michigan. However, it's not as simple as that.

According to Times Union, "if a driver with a dog on his lap were in an accident, a court could see it as part of the 'totality of the circumstances adding up to a reckless driving charge." This means, that if your dog sitting in your lap causes you to drive recklessly and/or to get into an accident, then it's considered illegal. But, there is no Michigan law that specifies it as illegal.

At the end of the day, drive with caution and the safety of yourself and others in mind. Because distracted driving is dangerous, and who wouldn't be distracted by their adorable dog sitting in their lap?

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