Freakin' 2016, you took another one?!

George Michael passed away on Christmas Day and I have been trying to process it ever since. 2016 has taken so many musicians, but for some reason, thinking about a world without George Michael kinda feels like the Universe got a little less exciting around here. I am, what you would call, a closet George Michael fan. Scratch that, a late 80s early 90s fan. When he was breaking out of the Wham! mold and becoming freaking George Michael.

Here are a few of my favorite songs that I have been listening on repeat for a few days:

"Careless Whisper" -- Great Breakup Song 

That sax part! I mean, for real. It's sexy, it's mournful, it's everything you ever wanted a sax to be. The lyrics are meaningful and expertly delivered. Plus, it was used in the Deadpool movie. You really can't go wrong with this one.

"I Want Your Sex" -- Controversial? Nah. 

Not only does this feature some sexy moves, but the lyrics are about monogamy. Sure, everyone freaked out when this came out, but it's still a great song and will get me dancing no matter what.

"Freedom 90" -- Super Models + Run Down House with Explosions = GOLD!

YES! YES! This song is my jam. I'm not the only one either. If you remember, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia also featured this song in a high school reunion dance off that didn't go as planned. But anytime this song comes on, I cannot get anything done because I have to dance around and pretend I am 90s House of Style era Cindy Crawford.

Man, if you haven't explored the extensive catalog that is George Michael's music, you really should. This man had some controversial situations in his life, but you cannot deny how much fun, and damn sexy, his music was. I am going to miss George Michael, but he will forever live on in music. Turn it up!