Yes, we have new Hydrangeas! Whether you favor the colorful globe shaped clusters of pink, white or blue blooms of the bigleaf types or the ease and reliability of snowball or PG varieties, there are many choices.

Everlasting Revolution hails from the Netherlands, and is a beautifully hardy compact selection of bigleaf hydrangea, with flower color that not only varies with soil pH, but also morphs with age. Bloomstruck is sure to please with bountiful richly colored blooms from mid-summer into fall. Lovely lacecap hydrangeas such as Twist and Shout are part of this group.

Many new varieties of paniculata or ‘P.G.’ hydrangea, provide structure to the landscape in sizes ranging from 3’ to 10’. Bobo is a compact form with cone shaped clusters of white blossoms that mature to a soft pink. Fire Light is slightly larger, but the flowers turn bright red. Pinky Winky and Vanilla Strawberry are both prized for large flower clusters of pink and white born on 8-10’ bushes. Strawberry Sundae grows large showy blossoms on a 4-5’ plant with a tidy 3-4’ spread, making it easy to add to your garden.

Incrediball is a snowball or Annabelle type hydrangea with huge, round flower clusters. Not to be left out is oak leaf hydrangea Ruby Slippers, waltzing onto the scene with lacy cones of red blossoms and brilliant fall color! So pick a spot and find hydrangeas to fit both your space and your taste at Wojo’s garden centers.

Kitty Byron
Wojo's Garden Splendors

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