Back in my day, anyone who sold pot was unlicensed and definitely sketchy. And there was no guarantee that the goods would be able to, shall we say, get the job done as advertised.

But times have changed and with recreational use of marijuana now legal in Michigan, rules, regulations, and quality control are now part of the landscape. But there are still sketchy, unlicensed dealers and delivery services out there, but nowadays they peddle their product on the internet.

Just How Good is Pot Sold by Unlicensed Dealers?

Fox 2's Rob Wolchek did some investigative journalism and had some weed sold by three unlicensed suppliers tested. PSI Labs in Ann Arbor handled the testing and CEO Ben Rosman said it didn't pass the sniff test, or any other test for that matter.

"It did fail for pesticides," Rosman said. "(It failed) for bifenthrin, which is an insecticide. and then myclobutanil and paclobutrazol which are both fungicides."


What About Independent Delivery Services?

Jerry Millen, owner of the Greenhouse in Walled Lake tells the TV station that there's no such thing as a one-man-band delivery service for pot.

"There is no such thing as a stand-alone, legal, licensed state delivery service in Michigan," Millen says. "You have to be tied to a legal dispensary."


So What Should You Watch Out For?

In the video below, you'll see representatives from state-licensed distributors making legitimate transactions. Deliveries can only be made to an address tied to a state-issued ID, proof of identification is required, and recipients are required to sign a state manifest in order to complete the transaction.

Delivery services that aren't tied to legitimate dispensaries may have be doing business with names such as, Cargo 420, Ambassador Medical Supplies LLC, Mbassador Transportation LLC, B Morgan LLC, 2123 Grandriver LLC, Milan Media Group LLC, or other such business names that can't be verified.

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