Addicts can walk into any police station, surrender their drugs and be connected with a "rehab angel" without being arrested.

In an initiative launched by Families Against Narcotics (FAN), a program has is being launched at police stations in Macomb County called Hope Not Handcuffs. The program allows people with addiction problems ranging from drugs to alcohol.

They can walk into a police station and surrender their drugs, without being arrested, and a "rehab angel" will be assigned to them to get them into a treatment program.

The program launches at all police stations in Macomb County on February 1st.

I really hope this program spreads throughout Michigan and the rest of the country. I've been going to FAN meetings for a couple of months now, to deal with a family member's addiction problem. This is something that needs to happen everywhere, NOW. There have been TWO DEATHS in our group in the last three months. This HAS been a problem, it's STILL a problem, and this is an amazing step forward in accepting it.

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