Talk about a house to "die" for. The historic William Peter Mansion in Columbiaville, Michigan is for sale, ghosts and all. Eek!

The state Historical Mansion turned bed and breakfast, is on the market for $324,900. The home, built by William Peter in 1892, sits in the middle of town on Water Street. A landmark of sorts, the home is 13,000 square feet of unique and charming architecture.

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An easy sell would be to mention the 8 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, spacious rooms, and beautiful original woodwork. Or the fact that each room has a fireplace with carved wood mantels, the marble throughout the mansion came all the way from Germany, and the brick for the 18-inch thick outer walls was from William Peter's own brickyard. Yes, these great "extras" come with the historic home, but not the most unique by far.

Not noted in the listing, and for good reason most likely, is that the mansion comes complete with ghosts...well, at least that's the rumor. Haunted Journeys describes the William Peter Mansion as, "one of the most haunted places in the state". From ghost hunters to paranormal experts, the mansion has been the subject of many investigations.

In 2018 a group of 16 led by paranormal experts spent an evening at the mansion as part of The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt event, and reported experiencing  "things that go bump in the night". Haunted Journeys reports that innkeepers and their brave guests will tell you that the Gentlemen's Quarters at the inn have a strong presence and the "lady of the house" can be seen near the grand staircase.

So how do the current owners feel about the ghostly attention? They embrace it, even offering a chance to come and investigate the haunting.

"Guests have reported to hear whispers in their ears, doors opening and closing, footsteps when no one else is in the building, and even being touched", the website states.

Is the house charming? Yes. Could I live there? Hell no, but that doesn't mean it isn't the perfect home for someone who doesn't mind a few extra tenants.

You can book a stay or your own investigation here, but you may want to check out the pictures below before you decided to make the William Peter Mansion home.

Michigan's William Peter Mansion For Sale, Ghosts and All

You can own a piece of Michigan history, complete with ghosts. The William Peter's Mansion in Columbiaville, Michigan is for sale complete with a history of hauntings. The 7 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom historic home was built in 1892 and completed for William Peter and his family. It's now a Bed & Breakfast and has been the subject of many a ghost story. Haunted Journeys reported the innkeepers and their brave guests will tell you that the Gentlemen's Quarters at the inn has a strong presence that cannot be explained. There is also the "lady of the house" that can often be seen by the grand staircase.
Ready to get your freight on, because seriously, some of these rooms seem to have a "vibe". The mansion is on the market for $799,900. Take a look inside, and pay close attention to some of the little haunting details.

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