The housing market got you down? Can't find that perfect place to call home? Why not consider stepping outside the box and buying your own historic cave, complete with tourists.

Located in Versailles, Missouri, just north of Lake of the Ozarks, "Jacob's Cave" is a bonafide tourist attraction. The cave was discovered 139 years ago, and has been open to visitors for 82 years. The cave is known for its ceiling-sponge work, reflective pools, depth illusion, and even prehistoric bones.

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According to the website, the cave was discovered by Jacob Craycraft, a miner. As the story goes, Jacob was prospecting along a fault line just east of the current entrance to the cave. Doing a lunch break, Jacob and a few other individuals on the site began tossing rocks, and one rolled into a hole that had some interesting depth.

Curiosity took over and Jacob began to investigate and explore discovering the cave. He even took time to autograph a cave formation with, " Jacob Craycraft, the man who discovered this cave, 1875, August 9th". The signature is something tourists can still see today when touring the cave.

Now, Jacob's Cave, and all of its  history can be yours, for only $3.4 million. Before you think living in a cave might be a little on the rustic side, the cave comes with a few other perks, including a house. There is 4 bedrooms, and 4 bathroom, that can be used for the new owners, or caretakers.

As an added bonus, and some retail edge, there is a gift shop on the property as well, because what's a tourist attraction without a souvenir shop right? Listed as a well- established tourist attraction that generates plenty of income, becoming an adventurous  cave owner may be the perfect way to kick off 2022.

Take a look at all the wonder of "Jacob's Cave" below.

For Just $3.4M You Can Own This Historical Cave in Missouri : Look

The housing market got you down? Can't find the special place to call home? Why not consider buying a cave! Not just any cave, but a cave discovered in 1875. “Jacob’s Cave” is a well-established tourist attraction that generates a pretty good income. Discovered in 1875 by Jacob Craycraft, the cave has been in operation as a show cave since as early as 1932. Just think of the possibilities! Still, if cave-dwelling like the Grinch just isn't your thing, there is also a house that has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms on the 223 acres of property.

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