It was a mixed bag last night, with a lot of people vowing NEVER to watch without Roseanne.

Last night marked the premiere of The Conners on ABC - the spinoff of the reboot of Roseanne that aired earlier this year. How, HOW can they do the show without the namesake of the show, the matriarch of the family, many people asked.

Last night, we found out.

If you watched the reboot, one of the last episodes of the season insinuated that Rosie had been using pain pills to dull her aching knees for which she couldn't afford surgery. So, naturally, they killed her off with an opioid overdose.

And the internet had all the feelings about it.

On the flip side, not everybody hated it.

Personally, we liked it. Hit home HARD for us.

And, if you're wondering...

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