Snow days are magical. There's nothing like being a kid and waking up to learn that school has been canceled for the day because of a snowstorm.

But getting a text, an automated phone call from the school, or learning that school is closed for the day by watching TV is so ... 2010, right?

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These educators know how to make snow days even more fun. They've created epic videos that announce school is closed for the day in a delightfully fun way.

Local Educators for the Win

In our Top 10 list of all-time best school closing videos below, we're proud to say that four are from our immediate area. Swartz Creek High School Principal Jim Kitchen and superintendent Ben Mainka have built up quite a following - and have mastered the art of creating unique videos that tell parents and kids in the district that it's OK to sleep in.

Some of their videos are so good they've been shared throughout the county and have even been featured on 'Good Morning America,' 'The Tonight Show,' and other late-night programs.

And Swartz Creek isn't the only school district to get in on the game. A few years ago, Vassar Public schools created a video to the tune of 'Ice Ice Baby' that proudly makes our list.

Entries From Across the US

'Ice Ice Baby' is a popular choice among school districts that want tot get the message out. But we've also included a few that feature parodies of songs by Adele, Garth Brook, and even the Backstreet Boys.

Take a look and let us know which one is your favorite.

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