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Michigan residents and businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic hould be seeing some sort of financial relief in the very near future, as the Michigan House has given final approval to a supplemental budget bill to provide economic relief.

Gideon DAssandro, Press Secretary for Speaker of the house Lee Chatfield, outlined the numbers as follows:

  • $64 million in small business survival relief
  • $220 million to extend unemployment benefits
  • $45 million in direct payments to workers who have been impacted by the virus
  • $75 million for hospitals and healthcare workers
  • $22 million for increased testing, and $57 million for vaccine distribution

“This budget bill provides critical support to the workers and small, family businesses who have been left behind by their government and extends a lifeline right when they need it the most,” said Speaker Chatfield. “People are worried about the effects of the latest shutdown and what it means for their families. We are listening and looking for ways to help."

Governor Whitmer released a statement after the announcement was made.

“I proposed this stimulus plan to the legislature in November because I know how much our families, frontline workers, and small businesses need relief as we head into the winter. This bipartisan relief bill will provide families and businesses the support they need to stay afloat as we continue working to distribute the safe and effective vaccine and eradicate COVID-19 once and for all."

Whitmer took the opportunity to remind us of the importance of shopping local in order to support Michigan businesses.

"And I urge everyone who is still doing last-minute holiday shopping to buy local to support your favorite businesses and restaurants.“

Whitmer concluded by saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"As we continue working to eliminate this virus, I urge all Michiganders to be smart and stay safe. We will get through this when we continue working together.”

Neither Chatfield nor Whitmer was able to provide an exact timeline as to when funds would be available to Michigan residents.


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