We've seen warm weather this season, but the first heatwave of the season is upon us. Although this current batch of hot weather is going to be shortlived, it will bring heat index readings of 100 degrees or more Thursday and Friday.

According to Mlive Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa, a few spots in Southern Michigan could see 'Feels Like' temperatures that approach 110 degrees. The highest readings will occur Friday (7/19) afternoon but Thursday also brings the potential for dangerously hot temps.

Although the heat will still be with us on Saturday, folks in Central Michigan have a greater chance of seeing 100+ degree heat index readings.

Your best bet is to stay indoors where air conditioning is available. Experts recommend wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing and staying hydrated if you have to be outside during this mini heatwave.

We urge you to check on friends and relatives who don't have air conditioners and the elderly who may be more vulnerable to the hot weather.



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