You've no doubt seen plenty of images from the blizzard of 2022 across the Great Lakes, but likely no image will give you one of greater dread and seasickness than watching this approach of the Harsens Island Ferry.

The ferry is used to travel between Algonac and Harsens Island crossing the St. Clair River in southeast Michigan.

The video, shared on Facebook, shows the ferry in extremely choppy waters on approach to the dock.

Facebook commenters were quick to point out the harrowing ride.

A former pilot commented:

I remember piloting those in that kind of weather. Pucker factor 10 we called it.
Be safe
Others shared amazement at the wild ride:
Geeeeeeze. They’re getting their moneys worth from their insurance policy today. I would not like that
Holy s***. Nope. With my luck, my car would end up in the water or I'd puke and s*** myself bahahha. That's insane!!!
I just seen the water and I WOULD NOT go on that ferry like that! I’ve been on it a thousand times but never seen it that bad!
it’s not just the wave activity. The decks of the ferries must be a sheet of ice. I’m surprised the cars weren’t sliding around on the deck! it’s got to be slicker than baby s*** on there…..
Later in the day (Friday 12/23) the ferry suspended operations until the storm subsided.
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