If you got to see them at Soaring Eagle a couple of weeks ago, it may have been the last time.

This Sunday in Philadelphia will mark the last show for Toto, possibly forever. Guitarist Steve Lukather did an interview with The Morning Call where he broke the news that, after October 20th, this version of Toto is "dead."

He cites everything from health problems to lawsuits as to the reasons to why the band is going away...for now. They lost a legal battle that was, in his words, "horrendous, awful, mean, you-gotta-be-kidding-me kind of lawsuits."

He also says that life on the road isn't easy or glamorous, and that being away from family for 230 days every year isn't something that they want to continue to do.

He did say that he can't predict the future, so this doesn't necessarily mean that they're done for all-time. But for now? Definitely.

Rest up, guys. Go bless the rains down in Africa. You've had quite the career.

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