Here's the "Dish" on what's happening in celebrity news today.

Yet another award show having to hit the delay button due to COVID-19. The 63rd Grammy Awards have been delayed due to health and travel concerns with the rising COVID cases in California. The awards ceremony will now take place on Sunday, March 14.

This could be the divorce of the year. Looks like Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West are headed for the big split. Kim has supposedly hired famed divorce attorney Laura Wasser and talks are underway. The couple has basically been living separate lives for about a year now with Kim living with the couples four kids in California, and Kayne spending time at their ranch in Wyoming. The power couple has been married for six years.

The Weeknd has debuted a new look, and fans are a bit puzzled. In a new video for the song "Save You Tear" the singer appears to have had some major plastic surgery, we're talking major. His nose is thinned, his cheeks puffy, and his lips looking plump. Many will remember the singer appeared at the American Music Awards not too long ago with his face covered in bandages and bruised. The new look is said to be only "temporary" and the work of a makeup effects studio. No word on why the change or the message behind the drastic appearance. Stay tuned....

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