Governor Gretchen Whitmer brought a special guest from the North Pole to her zoom call with a few Michigan families.

Governor Whitmer wanted to deliver a holiday messages to families on Zoom, and when all of the kids were on screen she brought out the big guy. Santa hopped on the call to wish all of the kids a Merry Christmas, and to remind them to be safe during the ongoing pandemic.

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Santa spent time taking questions from the kids, and most of the questions revolved around how Santa is dealing with the pandemic.

The first question was about Santa wearing a mask in the workshop. He said that he definitely wore his mask while he was indoors with all the elves to keep them safe. Santa also reminded kids that it's still ok to leave out milk and cookies for him, and carrots for his reindeer. One of the kids had a cute response when he suggested that he will leave out some hand sanitizer for Santa.

The video was aimed at reminding kids and families to be safe during the holidays. The problem is that right now, it feels like anything Gov Whitmer does becomes a huge firestorm of arguing. The cute video call with Santa and Michigan kids looked a lot different in the comments section. Some people took the chance to spew their hate for Whitmer, and turn a cute message into an ugly political argument.

Despite all of the negativity, Governor Whitmer is keeping her spirits high, and tweeted about a few of the ways she is giving back this year.


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