Corinn Linkowski is truly the definition of a "hero."

If you've ever questioned organ donation in the past, look no further than this video for the reasons that we should ALL sign off as donors in the event of a tragedy.

Thousands of people all over the country have been following Corinn Linkowski's story over the last week. Exactly one week ago today, she was critically injured in a head-on crash on M-15 during a snowstorm.

Over the weekend, Corinn's parents announced via social media that her organs were viable and that they'd be donating them to Gift of Life Michigan. Her mom, Tamara, says that her organs could potentially help 75 people.

Yesterday, the staff at Genesys Regional Medical Center lined the hallways as Corinn was taken to donate her organs, and it's one of the most moving things we've ever seen. Enormous love goes out to the Linkowski family; thank you for sharing this moment with us.

Here's more information about the Honor Walk from Gift of Life Michigan:

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