Dang - my stories about "I was drinking a beer and..." never end this well!

Hey - that's my cousin! Although I wouldn't have known that if my family didn't post it, because he doesn't want to be identified. Let's just say he's part of my big extended Irish clan in Milwaukee.

He was having a beer last month when he looked out the window and saw flames coming from an art studio across the street. He ran over, broke the door in, grabbed a fire extinguisher and put the fire out.

The owners, Robert and Mary Krauski, were at Mary's mother's nursing home at the time - they had received the call that they needed to come and say goodbye, and in the heat of the moment (pun intended) left a hot plate on while they were making glass ornaments.

Robert says that my cousin apologized for breaking the door down. The only thing that was damaged was their work table...because the fire was put out so quickly. Mary says in the video that everything would've been gone - their dogs included - if he hadn't acted so quickly.

Hey...did I mention that the guy who put the fire out is my cousin? ;)

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