Now, this is the kind of camping I can get behind.

Stuffing all your worldly needs into a small tent or RV and eating only hot dogs for a week is a thing of the past. Let me introduce you to "glamping".  "Glamping" is a combination of the words glamorous and camping. Two words that seldom come together, but describes the growing trend of luxury camping. No joke!

The 229-acre Bella Solviva resort opened in April near the town of East Jordan, northeast of Traverse City. Bella Solviva features 320 campsites ranging from safari tents, tree houses, vintage RVs, and even converted airliners. get this, there is even a concierge service. Prices range from $57 a night for a basic tent to $1,000 a night for a family that chooses the most luxurious experience.

Most definitely not the camping you are used to. I would like to experience "glamping" one day. But, there is something to say for someone who takes the family into the woods surviving on smores. Then again, have you seen that bed! No more sleeping on the ground with a rock as a pillow.

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