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It seemed like such a great idea at the time. Sell Girl Scout cookies outside a marijuana dispensary -- you know, catch a few customers who may have the munchies and be willing to drop a few bucks on some snacky-snacks.

But the powers that be put the kibosh on it.

Last weekend, a local Girl Scout troop in Southeast Michigan set up shop outside the Greenhouse, a marijuana dispensary in Walled Lake. Walled Lake is located about 20 miles southwest of Auburn Hills. The troop did well, selling about 1,000 boxes of cookies over the duration of the weekend.

But one week later, as the troop prepared to sell cookies outside the facility, the national Girl Scouts of America got wind of the idea and nixed the plan.

Jerry Millen, the owner of the Greenhouse in Walled Lake tells the Detroit Free Press that families were told they were not permitted to sell cookies in a "facility where they're not allowed to shop."

Millen goes on to explain that the Girl Scouts weren't inside his facility.

"I understand that, that's fine ... but they were set up on a public corner, in wildlife."

But Yavonkia Jenkins, chief marketing officer of Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, tells the paper that the troop did not need permission from the national order of the Girl Scouts and says the troop was given incorrect information.

"Girl Scouts does not have a policy that prohibits troops from selling outside of or inside of legally operating businesses."


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