The Golden Arches may not seem like a typical wedding day destination, but for this couple from Munich, Germany, it made perfect sense.

From Germany to Michigan

Mike and Kathi Haller first visited Croswell, Michigan back in 2016 to visit a family friend. Croswell is a small town of about 2,400 people in Sanilac County near the shore of Lake Huron.

It took several years of courtship for the couple to decide it was time to get married, but as soon as they solidified their engagement they knew one place they'd definitely need to visit on their wedding day:  The Croswell McDonald's.

“We love McDonald's. I think that that is clear,” said Mike. “Every country we visit has its own unique burger or meal, so we like to try everything. We've been to McDonald's in Japan, Israel, Italy, all over Europe and it's always fun because you have your standard meal that always feels home anywhere you are.”

Guess Who Caught the Bouquet

After the ceremony, the happy couple and 23 of their friends headed to the restaurant for hamburgers, fries, Chicken McNuggets, and Cokes, according to WZZM-TV. 

The station also notes that McDonald's own Grimace caught the bouquet.

Brian Dickendesher is the owner/operator of the Croswell McDonald's. He says the restaurant was delighted to be part of the couple's big day.

“Just to have the opportunity to do something different for these people from a different part of the world, it’s just wholesome,” he said. “Having our customers see how much we are willing to do for anybody, it’s good for McDonald's and good for our community."

The couple left with a lot of Mickey-D's themed gifts, included a tie that Mike wore to the reception.


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