We've been told all our lives that school buses are one of the safest vehicles on the road today, but that's obviously a generalized statement. So how safe are the buses your kids ride to school? What grade did the state give Genesee County buses on average? Would you believe a "C-"? Believe it!

You can see the entire list of school districts and how their bus fleet did by clicking here, but only 72% of buses passed the inspection while it was mandatory that the other 38% were taken out of service.

The top three districts that were flagged were Flushing, where of is 64 buses in service 23 were taken out of service, Fenton, where 20 out of 44 buses were pulled off the road, and Linden lost more than half of its fleet where all but 10 of its 33 buses failed the inspection.

Mlive reports that many school officials in the local districts were surprised at the state inspection results.


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