After a car accident left Jenaya Griffith and her prom date stranded, Sarah Egbert stepped into the role of limo driver. Except the Genesee County paramedic was behind the wheel of an ambulance, not a limousine.

Photographer LaToya Irvin-Fleming shared the story with Cars 108, saying that after she took pictures of Griffith before Friday's prom (5/25), she and the girl's family began to wonder if the boy was going to show up. After about 45 minutes, Griffith's date called to let her know that he'd been involved in a car accident. He wasn't injured and told her that he still hoped to make it to her senior prom which was being held in Lapeer.

As the photographer and her husband left the girl's house, they came upon the scene of the accident.

"We go around the corner, and me and my husband notice that the car is totaled out! So we ended up calling her parents and saying, 'you need to get down here, I don't think she's going to end up making it to prom.'"

The couple, who operates Fleming Photography in Flint then decided to take a few more pictures in order to keep everyone calm while they waited for the police.

After assessing the situation, officer Egbert asked the couple how they were going to get to the Lapeer Country Club where the Madison High School prom was being held.

When the kids realized they were stranded, the paramedic gladly offered them a ride.

"[She] drove them babies all the way to Lapeer to the prom!" Irvin Fleming said. "I love that cop, she went above and beyond in everything she did that night for them. And they were so happy at the end, they were so happy!"

How often does a couple get to include a Genesee County paramedic in their prom pictures?

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