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You may have to get used to putting your trash out on a different night. Republic Services is revamping its garbage collection schedule and the change will affect approximately 23,000 customers in Mid-Michigan.

Some, but not all of Republic's customers in four counties -- Genesee, Gratiot, Shiawassee, and Tuscola -- will have their trash day schedules altered in order to balance the load for the company's drivers and trash collectors. The change is set to take place beginning on February 1, and customers are supposed to be informed of the change in advance.

Republic Services tells ABC-12 that the move is in response to customers generating more household waste during the coronavirus pandemic.

The following changes will go into effect for Republic Services' customers next week:

  • Ashley -- Tuesday.
  • Byron -- Monday.
  • Clayton Township -- Monday.
  • Corunna -- Monday.
  • Fenton and Fenton Township -- Friday.
  • Linden -- Wednesday.
  • Mayville -- Tuesday.
  • Millington and Millington Township -- Thursday.
  • Montrose and Montrose Township -- Tuesday.
  • Mundy Township -- Tuesday.
  • Otisville -- Thursday.
  • Vernon -- Monday.

Areas not listed will continue to have their trash collected on their current garbage collection day.


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