More local businesses going the extra mile, even when they don't have to.

Did you know that there's a wool mill in Frankenmuth? I didn't, and now I do. And, after reading this, I love them even more.

Matt Curtis and his wife Abby Curtis are the proud owners of the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill on Main Street. And, like so many other businesses, they had to close down their brick-and-mortar business for the time being during the Governor's executive orders.

Instead of sitting at home, they decided to use the materials that they already have to help out the public - they donated enough materials to make 35,000 masks.

Yes, you read that right - 35,000 masks.

Matt told Bria Jones from Mid-Michigan Now that, “We felt fortunate to be able to do it. It was a situation where people felt helpless. They wanted to help but didn’t know how so people busted out their sewing machines and went to work. It helped them to maybe get through the initial shock of the shutdown."

People have driven from as far as Kalamazoo to Frankenmuth to pick up mask-making supplies.

And that's not all - they purchased two masks PER HOUSEHOLD to distribute to anybody who lives in the city or township of Frankenmuth.

I realize that it's not a possibility for all small businesses to do this, especially during a pandemic when profits are down. But MAJOR kudos to Matt and Abby for being part of the solution because they're "fortunate" enough to do it.

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