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Food Network's Guy Fieri has opened four delivery-only restaurants in Michigan. The spiky-haired celebrity chef's famous food is now available at three 'Flavortown Kitchen' locations in Detroit and at one in the Lansing area.

According to the celebrity chef's website, Flavortown Kitchen locations have popped up in 26 states across the US.

Ghost Kitchens or virtual kitchens as they're sometimes called have become increasingly popular during the last year, as the coronavirus pandemic has put a large focus on takeout and delivery. Ghost kitchen establishments have less overhead because they don't maintain dining areas or employ waitstaff.

Let's take a look at a couple of Fieri's menu items that are available at the four Michigan Flavortown Kitchen locations.

Jalapeño Pig Poppers:

Bacon-wrapped, fire-roasted jalapeños, stuffed with andouille, pimento cream cheese, glazed in Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ sauce

Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

80/20 ground beef, SMC, mac n cheese, bacon, LTOP, crispy onions, Donkey sauce, garlic buttered brioche

Chicken Parm-eroni

Breaded airline chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, provolone, pepperoni red sauce, crispy pepperoni hay, parmesan & spaghetti

The Crazy Cuban Sandwich 

Smoked pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, Donkey sauce, pressed hoagie, crispy potato sticks

Other items include a veggie burger, the 'Chicken Guy! Classic' chicken sandwich, plus salads, desserts, and (in my opinion) the must-have fried pickles & ranch appetizer.

Flavortown Kitchens in Michigan are located in Lansing, Sterling Heights, Livonia, and Rochester Hills. What do we need to do to get one started in Flint?


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