Previous reports seemed to lean towards the City of Flint being in agreement with the State of Michigan when it comes to denying, court ordered, door-to-door delivery of water. I have learned, from a source directly involved with the case, that it's more complicated than that.

Yesterday, I reported that the City of Flint was in alignment with the State of Michigan in stopping the delivery to water to residents. I had no idea how truly complicated this claim gets.

To boil these court proceedings down, the City of Flint, which is already strapped for cash, would be stuck with the bill when it comes executing the delivery of water to residents. The City of Flint is in the opinion that the State of Michigan should foot the bill for this huge endeavor.  So, this is why the City has filed an appeal because the City of Flint 'lacks the resources required to comply'. The appeal from the City of Flint was not to align it's self with the argument from the State of Michigan, even though it kind of looked that way.

After I posted my original article, Melissa Mays, Flint Activist and a person directly involved with this whole court case, gave me some insight on what is currently happening with this case in reference to the appeal from the City of Flint:

This is not the city fighting water delivery, this is the city fighting the state from shirking their responsibilities. They have no other choice. And all of this will be moot if the judge turns down their request for a stay and their appeal. And that's what we're hoping will happen.

Word is, that any day now, the decision will be made on what the plan is on water delivery or maybe a rework of a plan to do so. Hopefully, there will be some relief in some capacity, because Flint needs it.