If you haven't been keeping up with the Kathy Rae story, it is a case of an innocent woman being accused of being racist because she has the same name as the guilty.

Flushing's Kathy Rae has spoken out about the incident to NBC 25 News. She says that day began as a normal day for her, driving her bus for special needs children in Flushing. Then she was notified of an appointment with the superintendent and didn't know why. It was in that meeting where the superintendent showed her the email sent by Kathy Ray to Atlanta tv anchor Sharon Reed using racial slurs. Kathy, of course, denied sending that email, and the school did a full investigation to clear her name.

It only took one social media comment to blame Flushing's Kathy Rae for the email, and that is when her life was turned upside down. She says she received death threats, and someone even posted a picture of her house on social media. The Atlanta anchor Sharon Reed has told people they were targeting the wrong Kathy Rae, but Flushing's Kathy Rae just wants it all to stop.

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