Well, isn't this an interesting turn of events in the Flint Water Crisis.

According the a Reddit user named 'Bernie_Beiber', Flint's water is getting way better. For marijuana plants:

I grow MM and had to quit shortly after the first water switch because all of my plants kept dying. They would lock up with who knows what resulting in nutrient lock-out.

Other attempts in the meantime were all fruitless and the same thing would end up happening each time at various stages of growth.

Decided to start a new batch a month ago and they have never looked healthier before. The only difference is in the water. That tells me lead/heavy metal levels are down. The pH has been steady as well, it comes out of faucet right at 6.7, it varied by up to a few points either way during the interim.

Edit- I'm by Mott Park.

I know nothing about growing, especially marijuana, but is it possible that the water is getting better if this plant is responding positively? Is this an early sign of hope for the corrected water system? Granted, it is a very unconventional way to test the waters, but I'm up for anything that shows progress in this crisis. Thank you science -- and weed.


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