Flint lost an icon in the music world yesterday with the passing of Bernard Terry at only 70 years old.

Bernard, or BT as most of his friends called him, worked with pretty much every legendary artist to come out of Flint. The list starts with legends like Ready For The World, MC Breed, and The Dayton Family. BT also worked with many of the new artists making music today, including a ton that you hear every weekend on the 8-1-Show. BT's impact on the Flint music scene can never be overstated.

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BT mentored, and influenced so many of the artists in Flint over the years. His signature style and passion for making great music will live on for decades to come.

If you were curious just how big his influence was on musicians in Flint and the surrounding areas, just spend a little time on social media today. Artists from all over the state, and from all genres are starting to pay tribute to BT after hearing about his passing.

Through the years of doing the 8-1-Show focused on music from Flint and the surrounding areas, I was lucky enough to see the impact BT had on people first hand. Every single artist that came through without a mixed and mastered single, we would send them to BT.

Two of our co-hosts, Greg Joslin and Nygee Gant, worked closely with BT throughout their career. They both posted heartfelt messages online after his passing.

It's hard to put into words what a huge loss this is for Flint music.

The magic of music does offer a little bit of comfort. Since BT spent his life helping to mentor artists, and producing music, a part of him will live on in those songs and artists forever.

RIP BT, Flint is grateful that you poured your heart into your work, and we will all miss you.


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