This guy may have possibly watched way too much 'Seinfeld' in the process of carrying out this uncanny crime.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that John Woodfill, a 70 year old Flint man, has been ordered to pay $400,000 in restitution, is on three years probation, has to surrender his van/trailer, and give up his stock in Pepsi. I am totally not kidding about any of that, including the stock in Pepsi. Woodfill owned about $4,000 stock in the soda maker while he was pulling off this pop can ruse for about three years.

Woodfill and a friend, who is now deceased, would buy non-returnable cans in Indiana from a scrap yard that the friend ran, then turn around and return them for the deposit in Michigan. The Attorney General office claims that Woodfill and his partner in can crime returned over 10,000 out-of-state cans and had a whole system of how to return the cans in the lower part of Michigan.

Not that I am condoning any sort of crime, but all this elaborate scheming just seems a bit extra for only roughly $1,000. This crime truly did not pay.

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