The annual list of best college towns and cities in the US has been released, and unfortunately for the ranking is less than favorable for the Vehicle City.

Wallet Hub crunched the numbers and compared more than 400 US cities, using 32 metrics, based on academic, social, and economic opportunities for students. Factors such as housing, costs, higher education quality, availability of rental units, and crime rates helped shape the rankings.

Although Flint's relatively inexpensive cost of living probably helped its ranking, the city's high crime rate weighed down the results.

 Austin, Texas on Top

If you're looking for the best college town in American, Austin, Texas takes the top spot in the annual ranking.

Although Austin's 'wallet friendliness was only in the middle of the pack, its social environment score was extremely high and it is said to offer excellent academic and economic opportunities for students.

Flint Finishes Last

Flint, Michigan is home to the University of Michigan Flint, Kettering University, and Mott Community College, Wallet Hub ranked it dead-last in its list of 415 college towns across America. Academic and economic opportunities for students placed one spot from the bottom, with only the small town of Boone, North Carolina offering fewer opportunities.

Commuter College Access

Of course, one key factor that did not weigh into the financial website's annual survey is accessibility for students who live at home at commute to school. Flint's geographic location near interstates 75 and 69 makes it a good choice for students who may opt to drive from outlying areas.

The full details and methodology of Wallet Hub's annual ranking can be found here.


Midland's John Pratt Mosaic House

Just outside of Midland is the childhood home of gifted artist John Pratt. The home is adorned with shimmering bits of broken glass, china, and mirrored tiles that create a window into Pratt's creative soul.

Pratt suffered from mental illness and as part of his recovery, decorated the outside walls of the home with murals that, in the words of this website, "represented his illness, his re-discovered zest for living, and his beliefs about tolerance and unconditional love."

Since his death, the home has been owned and maintained by Creative 360 which offers guided tours of the premises. Our thanks to Ashley Cottrell who provided the pictures below.

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