Take a virtual tour of some of the most haunted places in Michigan.

1. Eloise Psychiatric Hospital 

What began as the Wayne County Poorhouse in metro Detroit has earned the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations in the mitten state.

It was turned into a psychiatric hospital; one of the first to use open-air therapy for tuberculosis patients. They also used electro-shock and insulin therapy on patients. The facility closed in 1984 after reports of violence, mistreatment and abuse of patients surfaced.

There have been reports of a woman, dressed in white, on the upper floors and the roof of the building. Other people have reported hearing roars and screams on the grounds - possibly the spirits of tortured patients?

Haunted or not, what a sad story.

2. Mackinac Island

No surprise here: before Europeans started exploring the land, it was home to an Odawa settlement. It was also the site of two different battles during the War of 1812. It became Michigan's first state park in 1895.

The Grand Hotel has been a popular spot for paranormal activity - legend claims that workers found human remains while building it. There have also been reports of a black mass with glowing eyes.

Fort Mackinac has also been a hot spot - people have reported orbs in their pictures of the Revolutionary war-era fort.

3. Traverse City State Hospital 

The hospital was built in 1885, and was also known as the Northern Michigan Asylum. It housed over 3,000 patients at its peak, and straitjackets were not allowed. Unlike Eloise, Traverse City State Hospital doesn't have a horrific past - but it still has reports of paranormal activity.

One of the reports is the "Hippy Tree," which is tree on the grounds that is supposedly a "gateway to hell." There are quite a few creepy stories associated with the tree.

Construction workers, who have heard voices and seen apparitions, have refused to work on the grounds. Another story is of a priest who hung himself in the asylum's chapel.

4. Detroit's Historic Fort Wayne

The Fort is located on Livernois avenue, in the Delray neighborhood, about a mile from the shores of Canada. It was also home to Native American burial grounds, which were excavated by the University of Michigan in the 1920s.

The fort was used in the War of 1812, and now houses a museum and reenactments. It also has legends of being haunted. Looks creepy enough, doesn't it?

5. Pere Cheney Cemetery 

The town of Pere Cheney was established in 1874 by George Cheney and grew to a population of over 1,500 people - most of whom died of an outbreak of diptheria. Fires destroyed a good portion of the village and disease returned in 1897, reducing the population to just 25.

All that's left of the town is the cemetery, which some people say, is haunted.

Local legends claim that a witch was banished to the woods after she cursed the village. One of the graves is rumored to be that of the witch. Some people claim that the disease was caused by the witch's curse.

People have reported hearing children laughing, seeing orbs and hearing voices in the cemetery

Happy Halloween!!!!

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