This is another example of "the film was better without the monster."

If you've read any of my posts about scary movies in the past, first of all, THANK YOU. I'm a scary movie junkie and proud of it. So naturally, when the hype around Bird Box started, I was down like Charlie Brown. I wouldn't even necessarily call it a "horror" movie; it's more of a thriller. Personally, I loved it.

A lot of the hate for the movie, though, seems to revolve around the fact that you never see the "creature," or the "monster" that haunts people enough to make them commit suicide.

However, I'm a big believer that, sometimes, seeing the "monster" in a movie can ruin it, ala Signs and the aliens.

Sandra Bullock was quoted as saying that the creature was a "green man with a horrific baby face," and after seeing these pictures on Instagram, we've gotta say it - thank goodness they deleted these scenes.

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