"You break it, you buy it." I can't count the number of times I heard it as a kid, and the number of times I said it as a parent probably tops that. That sentiment may cost a Kansas family about $132,000 after a little boy toppled an expensive glass statue.

The incident occurred last month at the city of Overland Park's community center. The Goodman family was attending a wedding reception when their five-year-old son hugged the expensive piece.

"My children are well-supervised, but all people get distracted," Goodman tells ABC-7.

The Gooodmans learned that the city's insurance company says the family is on the hook for the cost of the statue.

But the boy's parents insist it should not be their responsibility. The artwork was in a main hallway, not behind glass or protected from the public in any way.

Have you ever had to pay for something one of your children has broken?

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